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There are many different reasons why people come to learn Alexander’s work.

Below are some of the most common scenarios that people will talk about when they come to see me. Why not have a look and see if you recognize yourself in any of these.

Active and feeling the strain

You love the feeling you get when doing something physically active – you feel more energetic and alive. But some days you find that you just can’t keep going in the way you used to. Your muscles feel tight and your movements seem restricted. Injuries seem more common than in the past. You're wondering if this lack of fluidity is inevitable as you get older or whether there might just be an easier way.

"I came to the Alexander Technique to try and solve a problem. I kept hurting my neck when I was exercising and I wondered if my technique was causing the pain. Well, the Alexander Technique changed my understanding of how I think and move and the connection between the two. I solved the issue I had, but in addition the AT has given me principles for thinking and problem solving that also help me in other aspects of my work and life."

Tom, Auditor

Flexibility in motion

Your work or favourite pastime involves playing an instrument or using your voice for singing, acting, teaching or giving presentations. You know that when you're calm, relaxed and having fun, everything goes better. Focus becomes easier, creativity is more accessible and you can accomplish more. But this level of performance feels a little elusive and if it comes, it seems more by chance than by design. You feel sure that you haven't yet realised all your potential and would love to know how you can enjoy continuing improvement on a more consistent basis.

Greater ease in the workplace

Your work involves spending a great deal of time at a computer or some other repetitive activity. You would love to know how you can work safely, more productively, with greater focus and more energy. If you can do it without unnecessary aches and pains, that would be a massive bonus.

"As a violinist my confidence has increased immensely, my playing is clearer, freer, more musical, more expressive and without the previous tensions and aches. I have reached a standard of performance I never thought I would be capable of, and as a result have achieved things in my musical career far beyond my previous expectations."

Sarah, Violinist

Looking for optimum health

You find the idea that you can continue to improve as you get older an intriguing and exciting one. You'd love to find out how you can optimise what you have and prevent unnecessary problems in the future. Or perhaps you already have a diagnosed condition, but are wondering whether there is anything more that you can do to help yourself live more fully.

These are just a few of the reasons people come to see me. Of course we are all different, so don’t worry if you don't relate to any of these descriptions. Give me a call or drop me a line and I’ll be happy to discuss whether I think the Alexander Technique is likely to help you. I also offer a no obligation introductory session. Having a practical, hands-on experience of an Alexander lesson is often one of the best ways to find out whether this is the right approach for you.

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