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Alexander Technique Lessons & Classes

There are a number of ways you can learn the Alexander Technique.

ITM teachers offer both group and private lessons.

Group Lessons

Working in a group is a strong choice, as the dynamic of watching other's lessons and interacting with their questions and ideas really seems to accelerate your learning. I also find that people laugh more when they are sharing this work with others, and this helps open our minds and make us more receptive to learning.

Group work can involve something small and quite low key, such as sharing a session with one other person, perhaps a friend or partner. Alternatively, you can sign up for an introductory class, which you would share with no more than 4 other people. Larger scale possibilities include one or two day workshops for six or more people, which can involve several teachers working together.

Private Lessons

You can also have lessons on your own, where all the time in the session is committed to you. If you prefer privacy and enjoy having all the time focused on your questions and choice of activity, this is a great option.

All of the classes take place in a fun and supportive learning environment. If you're not sure, then an initial private introductory session will give us the opportunity to discuss which approach would be best for you. I also run periodic group introductions, if you just want to dip your toe in the water and see if you would like to proceed with further classes.

"I have had Alexander lessons on activities as diverse as standing and sitting, conducting an orchestra, public speaking, yoga positions and even walking gracefully in my wedding shoes, all with amazing results!"

Sarah, Violinist


Private Lessons
Introductory Lesson
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £35

One to One Lessons
Duration: 35-45 minutes
Cost: £35

Small Groups
Two people - for one hour
Cost: £40 (£20 each)
Three people - for 1hour 15 minutes
Cost: £60 (£20 each)

2 Hour Introductory Classes for Beginners
Cost: £25
Thursday 24th October
Thursday 21st November
Location: Windmill Hill, south Bristol
Places are limited to 5 people
email or call me to book your place

Ongoing Group Classes
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings 6.30-8pm
Cost: £20 per class
For further information, please email or call me.

Introductory Talks & Demonstrations
Approximately a two hour introduction to the work, including demonstration lessons and question time. The perfect taster session for schools, colleges, or any interested group.
Cost: Negotiable. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

I can also organise larger events such as:
Evening, half day or day workshops
For groups or organisations, for example professional development days.

ITM Training

My partner Simon and I are both coordinators of and trainers on the current ITM Teacher Training Course.

The first three modules in ITM training form what we call a Complete Alexander Technique Training (CAT Training). These modules, when taken in combination with the included practical lesson experience, were created to give students the optimum, most powerful experience in learning how to do Alexander's work for themselves.

The full training consists of an intensive four-year program, which is both demanding and hugely rewarding. It is an extraordinary process of personal development, so many people take the full course even though they have no intention of becoming a teacher.

Training courses take place every four years. Our next intake for trainees will be September 2020. More details can be found on the ITM Alexander Technique website. If you'd like to receive a prospectus email me and I'll be happy to send you one.

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