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I'm Tracy Gil.

I have been teaching the Alexander Technique in Bristol for the last 21 years.

Before becoming an Alexander Technique teacher, I worked as a nurse for 18 years, specialising first in intensive care and then in neurology & neurosurgery. However, this didn't help me to deal with my own chronic back pain when it began to seriously affect my daily activities. It was then that I began to look into the Alexander Technique and learn it for myself.

As well as obtaining considerable relief from my back problem, I discovered many unexpected benefits, which have truly changed my life for the better. I find I can think more clearly, flexibly and reasonably. When difficulties do arise, I have some great tools to help me find my way through them more calmly and creatively. It's easier for me to learn new skills than it used to be and I can more readily adapt to changing situations. Instead of experiencing deterioration as I age, I am moving with greater efficiency and ease than I did 20 years ago. And perhaps best of all, I laugh a lot more!

My Training

In order to share these benefits with others, in 1994 I undertook a 4 year teacher training course in the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) for teaching the work of F M Alexander. My training was provided by Don Weed, who is the founder of the ITM. Don trained and worked for many years alongside the late Marjorie Barstow, who in turn was the first teacher to receive a certificate from Alexander.

I have been running a private practice in Bristol for over 24 years and have been coordinating and teaching on the ITM Teacher Training Course since 2008. I have enjoyed teaching at the Welsh College of Music and Drama and also giving workshops for singers, physiotherapists, primary health care teams and staff at General Electric and Deloitte in Bristol.

Following a further four years of specialist training, I certified as an ITM Trainer and now assist in the process of training teachers as part of the ITM Teacher Training Programme. For further information about Teacher Training, have a look at

Having approached Tracy for lessons 13 years ago, with a belief
that my problems "just exist" or can't be fixed, or aren't worth
troubling myself over, her teaching has led me onto a path of
self-belief and self-improvement beyond my previous imaginings.

Steve, Transport Planner

"Tracy displays great empathy and patience in lessons. She combines a tactfulness, which means I have never felt stupid or wrong in her lessons, with a gentle, but uncompromising tenacity, which means it would be very hard to leave her lessons without learning and improving."

Pat, University Lecturer

For further information, or to arrange an introductory session, why not call or contact me by email.

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