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Have a look here for recommended books and articles on the Alexander Technique, Alexander Technique Professional Bodies and local and national ITM Teachers

Alexander Technique Professional Body

Interactive Teaching Method
Here you can find out more about the Interactive Teaching Method and look for ITM teachers in the UK, Europe and beyond. You can also learn more about ITM training and Summer Workshops.

ITM Alexander Technique Teachers UK & Worldwide

There are ITM Alexander Technique teachers in Bristol and other areas of the UK, Europe and worldwide. Below are a few that come highly recommended. For full details, check out

Simon Gore

Jane Toms

David Bailey

Ireland & Sweden
Aingeala de Burca

Further Reading

Reach your Dreams: An ITM Introduction to the Alexander Technique — Donald L. Weed. 2012. ITM Publications. ISBN

What You Think is What You Get: an Introductory Textbook for the Study of the Alexander Technique — Donald L. Weed. 2004. ITM Publications; 3rd Revised edition. ISBN 0954899601

To order either of these two books, go to the following address:

Man's Supreme Inheritance — F.M. Alexander. Methuen (London, 1910), revised and enlarged (New York, 1918), later editions 1941, 1946, 1957, Mouritz (UK, 1996), reprinted 2002. ISBN 0-9525574-0-1

Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual — F.M. Alexander. Centerline Press (US,1923), revised 1946, Mouritz (UK, 2004) ISBN 0-9543522-6-2, ISBN 978954352264

The Use of the Self — F.M. Alexander. E. P. Dutton (New York, 1932), republished by Orion Publishing, 2001, ISBN 0-7528-4391, ISBN 978-0-7528-4391-9

The Universal Constant In Living — F.M. Alexander. Dutton (New York, 1941), Chaterson (London, 1942), later editions 1943, 1946, Centerline Press (US, 1941, 1986), Mouritz (UK, 2000) ISBN 0-913111-18-X, ISBN 978-0-913111-18-5, ISBN 0-9525574-4-4

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique
A large resource, with all kinds of information about a variety of approaches to the Alexander Technique, interesting articles and further links.

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